Creating Art is a portal of therapy, which its only fee is pain, joy, and love

- Fidel Alquisira

Fidel Alquisira born and raised in North East Los Angeles, growing up I always found myself always being creative and I’ve always found myself to be different from others. Raised in the inner city where I've experience a lot of good and bad memories have always been an inspiration to express it on a canvas. The expression to mix paint colors to match my emotion is a feeling that sets me up to cloud 9 when I'm creating. Self taught artist, I have been drawing since I was a kid; therefore, it has taught me many lessons and it has helped me grow as a person as well. Painting has always been a way of therapy, which has always helped me get through some dark moments in my life. If I'm not painting making music is another way of expression, in which I also express myself. My artistry is a key to help inspire and a way to embrace joy love and pain.